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IP-Trek 2015 (Norwegian Mountains)

Participants on IP-Trek 2015 (Norwegian Mountains) will meet on the rugged western coast of Norway in the town of Alesund, 560km northwest of Oslo. They will boat inland on the UNESCO World Heritage Geiranger fjord which is renowned for its steeply rising shores and wild waterfalls. They will trek for 5 days, staying overnight at huts of the Norway Trekking Association. The trekking route will take the group through spectacular scenery on well marked trails to huts at elevations ranging from 710m-1450m. The final night in the mountains will find the group at Europe's first landscape hotel, the Juvet, located in a deep forest beside the Validola river.

IP-Trek (2015) Norway Itinerary

DNT Trail marker






Juvet Landskapshotell

July2-Day 1 17:00 group meeting Clarion Hotel, Alesund, Norway Climb the hill behind the town harbour for the fabulous panoramic view. Clarion Hotel by the Harbour (a refurbished warehouse - very interesting). http://www.clarionhotel.com/hotel-alesund-norway-NO024

July3-Day 2 Morning departure on the Hurtigruten Coastal Liner to Geirander (arrive 1:15 p.m)
possible zodiac boat trip in the fjord. Also option to visit Unesco Heritage Fjord Museum. Evening talk with Katrin Blomvik (UnescoRepresentative) Hotel Geiranger http://hotel-geiranger.no/ 

July4-Day 3 Bus & Ferry from Geiranger to Tafjord, Hike to  Reindalseter hut (serviced hut: 710 M) – 2 hour hike.
Late afternoon exploring from Reindalseter Hut - accommodation and food.

(Note: extra gear/travel clothes, not needed for hike will be safely stored between Geiranger and Tafjord, in Valldal or Linge,  for pickup for our last night arrival at Juvet Landskapshotell.)

July5-Day 4 Hike to Veltdalshytta hut(self-serviced hut: 1180 M – bedding provided (you will need a hostel sheet),food from a pantry Norwegian style. Elevation gain, 470 M -
estimated hours 5-7hours hike

July6-Day 5 Hike back to Reindalsseter Hut
620 NOK (food and accommodation) Elevation loss 470 M – estimated hours – 4-5 hours hike.

July7-Day 6 (Option 1-longer) Hike to Danskehytta hut (self serviced hut – 1450 M) Elevation gain 740 M
Estimated hike time – 7 hours

(Option 2-shorter) Hike to Kaldhusseter Hut (serviced hut-600m)
Elevation loss 600 M
Estimated hike time –5 hours

July8- Day 7 (Option 1-longer) Danskehytta Hut  to Kaldhusseter hut (trail end) 850 m. Elevation drop.
4-6hours hike (Option 2-shorter) Day hike between  Kaldhusseter Hut  and Herdalen

July9-Day 8 Transfer to Juvet Landskapshotell (Europe’s First Landscape Hotel on the Validola River. Dinner at the Juvet). http://www.juvet.com/en

July10-Day 9 Juvet transport to Andalsnes (via the Famous Trollstigen Road). Travel on afternoon train (Rauma Rail line) to main train line transfer at Dombas to Oslo airportRadisson Hotel. http://www.radissonblu.com/hotel-osloairport 5.30 hours total train time

July11-Day 10 Flights home 

Opptur Geiranger Fjorden, a Norse / English guidebook, describes part of our Day 4 hike (Reindalsaetra-Veltdalen) as one of the “wildest and most splendid hikes in the mountains of Norway”.

Our Day 6 (Option 1) hike takes us to the high mountain Danskehytta hut (1450M), a choice destination in the DNT system. It is a modern hut funded by the Danish government.

Members Attending:

Vaughan Barlow
Paul Blanchard
Annette Freeman
Christoph Gasser
Linda Harland
Ai Ming Lee
Ken Ross
Jim Slattery
Heike Vogelsang-Wenke
Nettaya Warncke

Pat Jayapani

Friends & Family:

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