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IP-Trek 2017 (Dolomite Mountains, Italy)

Participants on IP-Trek 2017 (Dolomites) will meet on September 7 at an idyllic hotel in the 1,568m (5,144ft) Alta Badia mountain village of Corvara, in Italy. After two days of guided sightseeing in the region, the group will be transferred to Lago di Braies to begin a 5 day trek along the famous Via Alta 1. Each participantís overnight bag will be transferred daily from refugio to refugio The trek will end at Passo Staulanza, and the group will be transferred back to its hotel in Corvara.

IP-Trek (2017) Dolomites Itinerary

September 7-Day 1 Check-in to hotel in Corvara

September 8-9-Days 2 & 3 Guided 2 day sightseeing tour in the Corvara region, including to Novacella, Bressanone and Plan de Corones

September 10-14-Days 4-7 Five day guided trek on the famous Via Alta 1 from Lago di Braies to Passo Staulanza, staying each night in a different refugio.

Each participantsí overnight bag will be transported daily to the next refugio. On the final day, the group will be returned to Corvara for their final night before returning home September 15.

Members Attending:

Barlow, Vaughan
Blanchard, Paul
Coombs, Andy
Dahl, Jeff
Harland, Linda
Lee, Ai Ming
Moll, Vera
Mottet, Annick
Pasqualigo, Livia
Previde, Paul
Ross, Ken
Rubens, Gilles
Slattery, Jim
Warncke, Nettaya


Haugaard, Per
Jayapani, Pat

Friends & Family:

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